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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

CQJP 2014

I'm afraid I'm still struggling with this. Whilst I liked the hexagon I made for January I stiil wasn't satisfied. I really want to make a simpler hanging with those fabrics, so that they look more like a stained glass window.

Soooo ... back to the drawing board :S

One of my main problems is that I always want to run before I can walk :(  I've decided to take a more sensible course of action, learn from the experts :)
Having gone back to my stash and chosen the fabrics I wanted to use including a remnant of Moda's Oasis (don't you love remnant baskets?) I then went to SharonB's blog and used a couple of the templates for piecing blocks that she very kindly shared with us.

This is where I hit a blank wall. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to do ... but no idea how to exectute it :(

Then suddenly Mary Ann provided the solution! Kathy at Shawkl is offering a free beginners class in Crazy Quilting..... YAY!

The sign up for this closes on the 6th March so if you want to join I'm afraid you'll have to hurry.

This does mean that I'm behind on my CQJP2014 ... but I haven't given up, I may just have to submit two blocks in March! (looks guiltily at Kathy).

IHSW February

Finally as promised I have a picture of the cross stitch project I am doing, as you can see, I have a long way to go yet!

Friday, 28 February 2014

I'm So Excited !

I'm so excited! It's my birthday .... and guess what ....Mary Ann's blog give away arrived! I chose this Embellishing with anything . It's a lovely book and so inspirational, thank you so much Mary Ann :)

Also my  lovely son (don't tell him I said that lol) gave me a Kindle Fire so that I can keep up with everything whilst I am in my sewing room and I am actually using it to post this!
If this weren't enough .... Mr PL gave me a new camera so I could take pictures of my work to share with you.

I always know I'm blessed to have such people in my life, but there are some days when the knowing is overwhelming.

Friday, 21 February 2014


Hi All,

Every third weekend of the month Joysze over at organises this;postID=7878110030600306536.  The rules are, to say the least, extremely flexible :) I've signed up for this month and hope to do so regularly. I've fished out this       

Well ... obviously this isn't actually mine lol ... but I should be able to take a picture of mine tomorrow :)
I'd like to call mine a WIP but in all honesty I have to say it's an UFO as I've had it a couple of years :S
I'm hoping by dedicating one weekend a month to it I will have made significant progress by the end of the year.
The kit is part of the Dimensions Gold Collection and is designed by Lesley Ann Ivory. I love the Arts and Crafts influence of this one but she does alot of different cat designs, all lovely. You can find many of them here

If you like Cross stitched cats you'll drool over these :)

Watch this space for progress!

Monday, 17 February 2014

February Update

Hi Everyone,

Sorry not to have updated my blog for so long. I have been blog hopping and leaving comments, just didn't feel up to doing my own blog. I had what I thought was the winter blues where all I wanted to do was sleep,Mr PL insisted I went to the doctor (I'm not very good at doing this) , turns out it wasn't so much the blues as a virus :S Anyway I slept most of the weekend and now feel much better. 

Anyway, firstly, Hi to those who have joined my site recently, nice to meet you :) Thank you also for all the nice comments you've all left :)

Also a big thank you to Mary Ann over at won her my blog giveaway. ! I'm looking forward to trying out some of the things in the book. More to come on that at a later date I hope :)

I've not been entirely uncrafty although I didn't feel up to embroidering. I worked out a pattern for a tea cosy, I just need to decorate it now :)

On the minus side, I broke one of my dinner service bowls :( I have the Johnson Bros. Eternal Beau collection. Yes I know it's a bit .... twee .... but I've loved it since it came out in the 80s but couldn't afford it then). I mentioned this in passing to Mr PL and he found that there's lots of it on ebay now, so he got me the set! I've always loved what the Scots call 'High Tea' where you have sandwiches and cakes with a pot of tea. Being half English I add in scones, jam and clotted cream. :D I love laying out all the china and making it all pretty :)

So that's been me for the past few weeks, I'm so glad I joined theGrow Your Own Blog at it's allowed me to meet so many nice new people, thank you so much Vicki for organising it :)

Monday, 3 February 2014

CQJP 2014 January Block

Well I managed to get my January block finished and in to Kathy on the 31st January ! Talk about skin of my teeth :)
Here's a picture of the finished block apologies for the picture quality but it's difficult taking them due to the lack of light these days.

On the whole I'm quite pleased with this, it doesn't show up very well but the herringbone stitching on the seams is in gold, and the light blue and straw colour on the flower have Kenicks gold filament added. All those together with the blue beads really catch the light.

One down ... 11 to go!

I meant to add, please go to the CQJP 2014 blog ( link at the side), there are so many wonderful blocks there.

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Grow Your Own Blog

Hi Everybody!
Firstly, a big thank you to Vicki over at for arranging this get together, and her 'elves' for helping with the admin :)
I'd also like to thank all of you who visited my site and left such lovely comments :) (Oh no ... this is beginning to sound like an Oscar speech! any minute now I'll start crying lol) Seriously though I really mean these thank yous.
I'd like to say 'Welcome@ to my new followers, pleased to meet you and I hope you find things here to interest you in the future:)
 So 'Hello' to

Renee at (who was here before but was also part of GYOB)
Gilli over at
Joluise at
Donna at
Christina at
Marther at
Ronda at
EvalinaMarie at
Susan I'm sorry I can't find a link for you :(
Buttongal Sorry your link doesn't seem to work :(
Cathy at ( who was here before but I thiught I'd say hi anyway :)

Finally a big 'Hello' to
Margaret at
Mary Ann at
Both have been with me since the beginning .. thank you *hugs*

I've also been working my way through the list of blogs on Vicki's site, my goodness ... so many talanted people! It's taking me quite awhile because I find I have to keep stopping to read all the interesting things :)

I apologise for the delay in posting but I've been rushing to finish my January CQJP 2014 block.

Lesley xxx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow Your Own Blog

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for stopping by. I'm not quite sure what to put in this but here goes :)

I live in Kent in the UK and have one grown up son and a partner both of whom live with me. We also have two cats, Millie aka Psycho Kitty and John aka Emo Kitty. :)
I like to sew, embroider, knit, tat and make dolls. I also love reading and watching films.
I really enjoy visiting other people's blogs, not only to see what they're making ( so inspirational) but because it allows me to contact people all around the world and gives me a chance to learn about their lives and the places they live.

Anyway feel free to browse, I hope you see something you like :)

Lesley xxx

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

CQJP 2014

Being new to Crazy Quilting I've been having a few problems getting started with this. My natural inclination is to have everything in an orderly balanced manner. Now of course this is the opposite of what crazy quilting is meant to be!

I originally started with the idea that the finished item would be a wall hanging based around a central silkie. This is the one I chose
Waterhouse Soul of Rose Quilt Block Multi Sizes
from Keepsake Fabrics. I wanted it to look like a framed picture with the quilting forming the frame.
This is the first block I started to go with this

On the whole I'm actually quite pleased with this block ... but ... it's not crazy quilting :(
I will finish it and the wall hanging ... but not for CQJP 2014!

So .. back to the drawing board :(

I joined Crazy Quilting International looking for inspiration ... and they have an open letter there that basically says ... give yourself permission to be free! Simple but brilliant advice :)

Back to the stash to see what I had .... and lo and behold what do I find ... the two blocks below! I must have made these about 14 years ago ... before I'd ever heard of Crazy Quilting ! I've always loved the colours and could never part with them 'in case they might come in handy' one day ;) Never let anyone persuade you to part with your stash!

I also have the spare material to make more blocks :)

Phew ... much happier now I have things settled in my mind :)

As you can see from the top picture I have decided not to go with the square but to use hexagons. Those with the actual crazy quilting will concentrate mainly on highlighting the fabric and colours with just one type of stitch outlining the seams on each block. There will also be plain blocks which will concentrate on embellishment. Wll that's the plan anyway .... but we all know about plans don't we? :)

This is a more detailed picture of the first block as a WIP.

Friday, 10 January 2014

On the subject of books ....

I was watching TV the other day and they had an episode of the Sally Lockheart Mysteries on. These are based on the Philip Pullman books (and they're not a bad adaptation). It reminded me of how much I enjoyed these, and yes I know they're aimed at teenagers but as my son says 'Mum you get older ... but you don't grow up!'. Anyway, off I trotted to my bookshelves and I'm now re-reading the series :)

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Other Passions

Apart from making things my other passion is books. I love crime/thrillers and sci/fantasy. I love Robin Hobbs Liveship and Rainwild novels and can't wait for the next in the series to come out. One of the best things to come out in the last few years is Audible, I subscribe to this and get one book a month. This is totally great because they read the full book not just an abridged version. I can therefore indulge two of my passions at once... 'reading' and making things. :)

Ofcourse as I can listen to them on my kindle or my phone, they're also good for the less fun stuff like erm ... housework :(

I often find it very difficult to choose which book to take, I also love Val McDermid's Tony Hill novels, James Patterson's Women's Club series, Ian Rankin's Rebus and soooo many more.

There are books which I find I can't listen to but must read like GRR Martin's Game of Thrones and Robert Ludlum's Bourne series ( a bit dated but so much better than the films).

I love films too, probably action/adventure and thrillers best, but if it captures my imagination it doesn't matter what genre it falls into.

I'll probably add details of any books or films I've particularly enjoyed as I go along. :)

Back to 'auld claes 'nd porridge'

The Christmas decorations are down and the festive season is over for another year. We're back to normal and the house feels so much bigger but not quite as cosy lol.

I'm getting on with my block for CQJP 2014, having crosstitched from charts for years I find it quite difficult to decide what colours to use and what design to follow. Hey ho .. I'll just go with it and see :)

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year ... New Start

Well it's January 1st 2014 and my main resolution is to try and keep up this blog this year.

As you may have noticed I've been absent for a few months (*coughs at the understatement*). Last year was one of those years, nothing specifically wrong, just a lot of minor inconveniences and a few minor health problems. Just enough to make blogging difficult.

Anyway, that's behind me now and this year I'm going to make the effort not to let stuff get in the way :)

I haven't been idle during my absence though!

I knitted this for my other half for Christmas

It was a bit of a challenge as it is years since I've knitted any fairisle. It's knitted in alafoss lopi which is an icelandic wool and is fabulous. I got it from and I can't say enough about how good their service was.

I also knitted fingerless gloves as presents ... sorry no pictures of these.

I've also been tatting and here are some pictures of the things I made:

 It's not a wonderful photo but the snowflakes have swarovski crystal beads and dangles which really catch the light. I'm afraid I can't remember where I got the patterns but I know at least one is by Jon Yussof of who is an amazing tatter and generously shares her patterns with the world. :)

The earings and pendant below are from Marilee Rockley's (also known as yarnplayer) book Tatted Jewellery. Her's is another site well worth a visit... such a talented lady :)

Oh and I forgot I made this bracelet which is formed from a basic tatting edging.

CQJP 2014

I decided to give myself some focus this year so I have signed up for CQJP 2014, now I love crazy quilts and the embellishing but I'm a novice at this so I have my fingers crossed that I will be able to do credit to the others who have joined. Looking at previous years I am in awe of the talent that is out there.

My son gave me Embellishing Crazy Quilts by Kathy Seaman Shaw (shawkl who actually runs CQJP for Christmas, this is a wonderful book for beginners (and the more experienced I guess) as it contains sooo many templates for seams and motifs.

I'm really looking forward to practicing all these over the year :)