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Friday, 28 February 2014

I'm So Excited !

I'm so excited! It's my birthday .... and guess what ....Mary Ann's blog give away arrived! I chose this Embellishing with anything . It's a lovely book and so inspirational, thank you so much Mary Ann :)

Also my  lovely son (don't tell him I said that lol) gave me a Kindle Fire so that I can keep up with everything whilst I am in my sewing room and I am actually using it to post this!
If this weren't enough .... Mr PL gave me a new camera so I could take pictures of my work to share with you.

I always know I'm blessed to have such people in my life, but there are some days when the knowing is overwhelming.


  1. happy birthday wishes, have a lovely day. You are better than me I have a samsung tablet but have not worked out how to use it . The camera will come in for a lot of use I am sure and look forward to seeing photos on your blog

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you enjoy the book:)

  3. Hello from Aiken, SC in the USA! I am still visiting the blogs on the GYB party. It is slow going for me, as there are things going on in the family that take up much of my time. My own blog has been sorely neglected. I am happy to have been a visitor here today, but am sorry to have missed sending good wishes on your birthday. Happy belated birthday!

    My interests are very varied, as you will see if you are so kind as to pay my blog a visit. I am signing up to follow your posts with Google Friend Connect and look forward to seeing what you are doing in the future!