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Monday, 17 February 2014

February Update

Hi Everyone,

Sorry not to have updated my blog for so long. I have been blog hopping and leaving comments, just didn't feel up to doing my own blog. I had what I thought was the winter blues where all I wanted to do was sleep,Mr PL insisted I went to the doctor (I'm not very good at doing this) , turns out it wasn't so much the blues as a virus :S Anyway I slept most of the weekend and now feel much better. 

Anyway, firstly, Hi to those who have joined my site recently, nice to meet you :) Thank you also for all the nice comments you've all left :)

Also a big thank you to Mary Ann over at won her my blog giveaway. ! I'm looking forward to trying out some of the things in the book. More to come on that at a later date I hope :)

I've not been entirely uncrafty although I didn't feel up to embroidering. I worked out a pattern for a tea cosy, I just need to decorate it now :)

On the minus side, I broke one of my dinner service bowls :( I have the Johnson Bros. Eternal Beau collection. Yes I know it's a bit .... twee .... but I've loved it since it came out in the 80s but couldn't afford it then). I mentioned this in passing to Mr PL and he found that there's lots of it on ebay now, so he got me the set! I've always loved what the Scots call 'High Tea' where you have sandwiches and cakes with a pot of tea. Being half English I add in scones, jam and clotted cream. :D I love laying out all the china and making it all pretty :)

So that's been me for the past few weeks, I'm so glad I joined theGrow Your Own Blog at it's allowed me to meet so many nice new people, thank you so much Vicki for organising it :)


  1. Now that is what I call tea also, especially with cucumber sandwiches! the Spanish here think that I´m making a joke when I mention cucumber sandwiches. Love your tea cosy.

  2. lol .. you'll have to make some and invite them all. The cosy is the prototype basic pattern and will be decorated. I plan to make a few of them.

  3. It was the clotted cream :-) :-) xxxxxxx

  4. sorry to read you have been unwell but good that you are on the road to recovery, some sleep you had it is a natural healer.

  5. Thank you Margaret, yes it does seem to have done the trick :)

  6. such a lovely tea cosy, so fresh and white!

  7. Better late then never, and I hope you get well soon! That's a really cute tea cosy, and I have to say I love high tea the rare times I get to have it.