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Friday, 21 February 2014


Hi All,

Every third weekend of the month Joysze over at organises this;postID=7878110030600306536.  The rules are, to say the least, extremely flexible :) I've signed up for this month and hope to do so regularly. I've fished out this       

Well ... obviously this isn't actually mine lol ... but I should be able to take a picture of mine tomorrow :)
I'd like to call mine a WIP but in all honesty I have to say it's an UFO as I've had it a couple of years :S
I'm hoping by dedicating one weekend a month to it I will have made significant progress by the end of the year.
The kit is part of the Dimensions Gold Collection and is designed by Lesley Ann Ivory. I love the Arts and Crafts influence of this one but she does alot of different cat designs, all lovely. You can find many of them here

If you like Cross stitched cats you'll drool over these :)

Watch this space for progress!


  1. what a challenge, cross stitch is a technique that I never took too, it made me so lost going from the chart to the fabric etc but this is a earl beauty. I look forward to watching your progress with it

  2. I must admit this is a bit of a labour of love lol. Still having a bit of a problem with the camera though :(

  3. wow, that is a huge piece! good luck with getting a chunk of it done. By the way, if you want to make nice neat links, you can use the "link" button on Blogger. When you're writing a post, next to the icon to insert a picture is the word "link", click on that, put the http:// address in the second box down and type what you want to be displayed in the top box - IHW for example. Click OK and it will be a nice neat link.

  4. Thank you for that tip Wendy, as you can see from my new post ... I'm using it!